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26. června 2014
Unique specials offer only in Bristol Group hotels
Unique specials оffer only in Bristol Group hotels. Summer Special for Hotels Kolonada and Pavlov t...
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28. května 2014
Actions - Long-term reduction in prices
Actions - Long-term reduction in pricesSpecial summer offer for Kolonada and Pavlov hotels from 28....
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27. května 2014
49. International Filmfestival
49. International Filmfestival 04. - 12. 07. 2014 We offer the last rooms in Pavlov and Kolonada H...
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Welcome to Bristol Hotels in Karlovy Vary

The Bristol Group comprises hotel facilities belonging amongst the most famous and frequented in the spa town of Karlovy Vary. It consists of two basic resorts differentiated by their locations. Visitors can feel and see the long tradition and colourful history of our spa resort with every step they make, because history speaks through the walls of the Bristol group buildings. Our goal is to combine the magic and nostalgia of the old good times with new trends and modern approaches.

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  • Colonnade Hotel
  • Bristol Royal Park
  • Bowling Centre Bristol Royal
  • Mill Colonnade
  • Bristol Palace
  • Colonnade Hotel
  • Bristol Royal Resort
  • Bristol Riverside Restaurant

A constellation of hotels on the foothill in the romantic West end, surrounded by the English park, provides its guests unique luxurious accommodation with a charming view of the town. Apart from that it offers modern comfortable equipment and its own balneology operations, with the remarkable advantage of underground corridors connecting individual buildings...

Another part of Bristol Group is represented by hotels in the very heart of the town. The Kolonáda and Pavlov hotels are typical for life, the flowing river, clatter of horse hooves and walks around picturesque colonnades. The guests find themselves in the middle of spa events here. The Kolonáda Hotel, merged from five original spa houses, offers its visitors...

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Karlovy VaryKarlovy Vary (Carlsbad) - the most famous and popular spa in the Czech Republic, renowned mostly for its natural healing springs. The town is located in the very heart of Europe, west of Bohemia, between Krušné hory (Ore Mountains) and Slavkovsky les (Kaiser Forest). Karlovy Vary is not just a spa resort; guests may be attracted most of all by the famous local spa treatment, yet the town is also an architectural jewel with a number of monuments and a rich history. The number of visitors is further increased due to the acclaimed sport grounds and a major social-cultural event.

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